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TR Fire Grill Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the TR Fire Grill franchise opportunity

Curious about investing in a TR Fire Grill franchise? We’re looking for passionate and experienced restaurant operators to join our team. Here are some answers to common questions about our seasonally inspired, locally sourced American bistro franchise opportunity.

What are your qualifications for ownership?

We are seeking investors with a minimum of $1 million liquid with a total of $3 million net worth.

TR FIre Grill
A solid history of restaurant and hospitality experience is preferred, plus a passion for hospitality and food.

What are the growth markets for TR Fire Grill?

TR Fire Grill is a new franchise opportunity started in the United States. With our flagship location in Winter Park, Florida, receiving rave reviews from customers and industry peers, TR Fire Grill offers significant opportunity for growth.

What makes a good location?

TR Fire Grill is an urban concept that does well in locations with a large daytime population with above-average household income, preferably with lifestyle, business and entertainment activities in close proximity. Our seasonally inspired locally sourced dining concept also has potential to thrive in areas with high counts for both foot and vehicle traffic. Good visibility and ample parking are a must. TR Fire Grill works well in locations where other upscale casual dining locations work, such as large or secondary markets and malls and areas with at least 120,000 residents.

What type of real estate do you need?

An in-line, endcap lifestyle shopping location, affluent or luxury all or a destination shopping location is ideal. This allows franchise owners to lease, eliminating the cost of purchasing property and the time-consuming processes such as obtaining permits or contracts. This restaurant model is faster to build, taking almost half the time of a freestanding restaurant.

How many employees do I need?

TR Fire Grill restaurant is led by a management team consisting of four to five members. A TR Fire Grill typically has 50 to 80 people on staff, including part-time servers and bar staff.